Top-class web service, at exactly the pace you need.

Cantilever Retainers give you access to our superior web design & development services, providing all the flexibility you need to keep your websites on top.

Our clients love us!

But first... Here’s the problem:

Keeping your websites effective and bug-free requires skilled professionals in design, development, and strategy. Finding someone who can do it all is hard, and hiring a whole team is too much overhead.

Here’s Our Solution: Fixed Price, Unlimited Options

Here’s Our Solution: Fixed Price, Unlimited Options

With a Cantilever retainer you pay a fixed monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee for a set number of billable hours. You choose how we allocate our time, collaborating directly with the lead designer or developer on your account.

A Superior Reputation

A Superior Reputation

Cantilever has a reputation for superior-quality code, design, and service. We work with large organizations like Esquire Magazine, Watson Advertising, and American Express, as well as lots of small- to mid-size firms who are invested in the effectiveness of their sites.

Our Proven Results

Our Proven Results

When your website is continually upgraded, it has a longer lifespan and delivers more value to your business. Our clients have to replace their sites less often, and get more successful leads and orders by improving a little at a time.


We tailor all our plans to suit each individual client, but to give you a sense of our pricing, here are some sample plans. All plans provide a discounted overall rate relative to our a-la-carte hourly.

Example Plan
Lite Support
Example Plan
Continual Improvement
Example Plan
Simulated Staffer

Cantilever is the right fit when you’re concerned about outcomes, not just the cost. Not sure if our pricing is worth it? Reach out and we can give you a sense of what we can accomplish with your budget.

Meet The Team

We are a remote team of 5 founded in 2011 and are headquartered in Fair Lawn, NJ with clients in NYC and around the world.

  • Team Member: JT Fridsma

    JT Fridsma

    JT is an interactive and graphic designer based in Austin, TX. Previously, he wore many hats at Grooveshark in NYC, working on major advertising campaigns, event experiences, rebrands, and more. His work was once featured as Fast Company’s “Infographic of the Day”, while still a student at the University of Florida. He lives with two cats who love crashing video conference calls.

    Austin, TX, USA
  • Team Member: Ty Fujimura

    Ty Fujimura

    Ty is a designer, developer, and manager. He combines his visual sense with strategic intuition to provide high-value design solutions for our clients. He has written on design for the Huffington Post and has been interviewed for, VIBE Magazine and radio. Outside of Cantilever, he co-hosts a US soccer podcast called We The People. He lives in Fair Lawn, NJ with two young children who also love crashing video conference calls.

    Fair Lawn, NJ, USA
  • Team Member: Andrew Heins

    Andrew Heins

    Andrew is a web developer living just outside Toronto, Canada. He pairs his front- and back-end development skills with a background in marketing, communications and project management to bring attractive, robust and effective solutions to Cantilever’s clients.

  • Team Member: Chris Pau

    Chris Pau

    Chris is an administrative specialist living in Marlboro, NJ. His expertise lies in project management and business process re-design and melds his broad experience from a consulting career at Accenture with a computer science background to bring structure and quality service to Cantilever’s clients. His conference calls are generally uninterrupted.

    Jersey City, NJ, USA
  • Team Member: Rebecca Testrake

    Rebecca Testrake

    Rebecca is our jane of all trades, optimizing the Cantilever team’s work with smart organization, project management, and scheduling. She is also tasked with QA, catching mistakes before they reach our clients. Rebecca is based in Los Angeles, CA with a small dog who ALSO loves crashing video conference calls.

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in it for us?

Our retainers give us a dependable revenue stream that helps us be reliable and dependable in turn. Our clients don't have to worry about us going away or ditching them when a big project comes along. We create trusting bonds with clients, allowing us to spend less time pitching and more time making. It's a win-win.

What if I need more time? Less time?

We're not strict on using exactly the time you paid for and often end up over-delivering a bit. If you need significantly more time we are happy to add hours at a protated hourly rate. If you need less time in a period we are happy to roll over time to the next one, within reason.

Why not just hire you hourly?

Our retainer clients save money and time. Since retainer work is regular and predictable, we can schedule it more effectively and get things done quicker than when we work on a sporadic, hourly basis. Our retainer plans also provide a discounted rate over our a-la-carte rate.

Why pay you 4 times what a freelancer wants to charge?

Cantilever’s team contains top talent that knows how to get things done efficiently, which is reflected in our rates. We become true collaborators in your business and are a dependable part of your organization that will not leave you hanging when your site has an issue. Our philosophy of Digital Hospitality leads to greater outcomes for clients and a more pleasant, straightforward client experience, providing value over lower-priced competition. Ultimately, our clients decide for themselves if our value is worth the cost. We’d be happy to provide a discounted initial rate so you can decide if Cantilever is the right choice for you.

What do you charge for?

We bill for all project-related time, including phone calls, presentations, and meetings. We do not bill for account-related time like creating retainer reports or negotiating contracts.